[HGEC/RM] Scholar's Outfit v. 1.1


This mod adds a set of clothing for female (uses HGEC C-Cup/M lower body) and male (uses Robert's Male Slender Athletic) characters for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

NOTICE: Minor update for the female outfit. If you only use the male version, ignore this. Details below.

The clothes are sold by Skjorta in Nord Winds in Bruma. They cover the lower and upper body, feet and hands (to minimize conflicts with different body models). Yes, the male and female versions have nothing but the theme in common. I could have published the female version only, but I wanted to bring a little change to the universe of female exclusive mods.

Mod language: English.

Version: 1.1. Optimized the female outfit mesh.

If you're using OCO, I highly recommend Room207's OCO merged with EGO Argonians. It contains the body replacers you need.


Unpack the archive, merge the Data folder with your Oblivion's Data folder. Overwrite the files if prompted. Check the plugin in Oblivion's launcher or the mod manager of your choice. If meshes/textures don't appear, try BSA redirection in OBMM Utilities.


Uncheck the plugin in the launcher/mod manager and delete the associated files AnScholar.bsa and AnScholar.esp.


None found, however, if you use any other mods that change Nord Winds in Bruma, you might need to merge the levelled lists into a bashed patch in Wrye Bash.

WARNING: this mod contains high-resolution textures (2K uncompressed). You can use The Compressonator to optimize them yourself. I won't provide compressed 2K since it looks absolutely terrible.


Don't reuse and publish any meshes or textures from this mod.

Отдельной строкой, для тех, кто по-англицки не понимает:

Запрещено использование моделей и текстур из этого мода, а также публикация на любых сторонних ресурсах без согласования с автором.

Thanks to:

Room 207 for help with the technical details of Oblivion modding and inspiration.
Vobla for being the best critic.
Bethesda Softworks for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
Arkane Studios for Dishonored 2.
Sony Computer Entertainment for The Order: 1886.


Happy gaming!



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